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Emergency Podcast - Save Your Internet

22 March 2019
What started as an effort to harmonize copyright across European countries, making it easier for users to navigate through such complex regulations, has now turned into a whirlwind and, if approved, may very well break the internet as we know it, while putting our civil liberties at stake. As you know, White Market Podcast has been reporting on alternative copyright licensing models and…

The legacy of Free Music Archive

06 November 2018
Free Music Archive is closing down . One of the world's largest archives of free music will no longer be after this week and WMP is grieving. A couple of weeks ago, I attended a Creative Commons event in Lisbon where I had the chance to reflect on the importance of the licenses for my podcast ( and for my life, actually ). Before me, Monster Jinx 's boss, Darksunn, went on the stage to share his…

10 Years of White Market Podcast

21 March 2018
I am not sure how it got to this, but White Market Podcast is now a 10 year-old project . That means a full decade of celebrating the best in free music and free culture. Originally in Portuguese as Programa Marca Branca , the first episode aired back in March 2008. More than a 100 sessions later, I can tell you that it had ups and downs like any other long-term relationship, but that the…

Open Radio, Open Minds – a WMP session at MozFest

19 October 2017
MozFest 2017 schedule is out now! In case you missed it, White Market Podcast will be hosting a session under the Open Innovation banner.  This is happening as part of the Mozilla Open Leadership program, for which WMP has been selected to as a project. “ Open Radio, Open Minds ” is scheduled for Saturday 28th at 4:30pm, with a showcase on Sunday at the Gallery at the same time. Below you…