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The legacy of Free Music Archive

06 November 2018
Free Music Archive is closing down . One of the world's largest archives of free music will no longer be after this week and WMP is grieving. A couple of weeks ago, I attended a Creative Commons event in Lisbon where I had the chance to reflect on the importance of the licenses for my podcast ( and for my life, actually ). Before me, Monster Jinx 's boss, Darksunn, went on the stage to share his…

10 Years of White Market Podcast

21 March 2018
I am not sure how it got to this, but White Market Podcast is now a 10 year-old project . That means a full decade of celebrating the best in free music and free culture. Originally in Portuguese as Programa Marca Branca , the first episode aired back in March 2008. More than a 100 sessions later, I can tell you that it had ups and downs like any other long-term relationship, but that the…

Open Radio, Open Minds – a WMP session at MozFest

19 October 2017
MozFest 2017 schedule is out now! In case you missed it, White Market Podcast will be hosting a session under the Open Innovation banner.  This is happening as part of the Mozilla Open Leadership program, for which WMP has been selected to as a project. “ Open Radio, Open Minds ” is scheduled for Saturday 28th at 4:30pm, with a showcase on Sunday at the Gallery at the same time. Below you…

Working open with the help of Mozilla and a repo

05 October 2017
Great news: White Market Podcast was picked as a project as part of the latest round of the Mozilla Open Leadership program. This means that I am now getting training and mentoring that will enable me to make WMP an open project. So, we’re officially on the way to become an actually open project . It’s not the first time I have tried to open up the show. Over the years, I have had the luck of…