We're starting again and we're bringing treats

26 June 2015

After months of silence, White Market is back on this glorious web adress. While our old website sadly died, our old podcasts remain available on Internet Archive and Mixcloud. On Sunday, I’ll be live on Spark Sunderland from 8pm bringing you some more Creative Commons-licenced songs and other free tunes.

As a celebration, I took this opportunity to upload one of my favourite netaudio records into Free Music Archive: Kersche Remixed by Norton. Published in 2008 by now extinct aerotone, the album is a collection of remixes from their second record, Kersche. With a CC BY-NC-SA tag on it, you’re free to do loads of things with this, so long as you do it for non-commercial purposes and you share your work under the same licence. For now, you can start by listening to it and download it legally and for free.