Our FMA collection is expanding

29 July 2015

On our last session, I challenged myself to make a new upload to White Market’s music collection Free Music Archive every week. It would have been amazing if it wasn’t for the fact that I just moved houses and I am out of internet until August 5th, which makes things just slightly tougher. However, I will try to make up for it and upload some sweet sweet things in a near-ish future.

Now, a few things that you need to know about this Free Music Archive thing. I started curating/uploading content for it a few years ago, when White Market was still “Programa Marca Branca“- basically the same show, but in Portuguese, airing in 5 different radio stations in Portugal and Spain. When PMB transformed into White Market, I adjusted the descriptions, links and whatnot, while keeping the previously uploaded records online.

The music I upload is not a White Market exclusive. You will be able to find it available for download in other places of the Internet and that is basically why I can upload it: because everything is published under a Creative Commons licence. While the usage permissions change according to the licence chosen by the artist, they all allow sharing. With this in mind, my role here is strictly the curator’s one: I search, select and upload songs that are not yet available on FMA, making your search for good free music just a tiny bit easier.

Enough of the chit-chat now. Today, there’s a new record there: DarkSunn‘s MELANGE can now be freely streamed and downloaded on FMA. This is not your average beats album. It is an intricate exercise of mind over matter, in which sounds offers us a deeper perspective on emotional landscapes. I hope you like it; I sure do.