Session 2.05 – Lessons on where to find CC music

02 August 2015

On this latest session, there were a few lessons on where to find CC music, particularly beyond the netlabel scope. So, I talked a bit more about some places where you can easily find Creative Commons-licenced music: Free Music Archive, Jamendo and one of my favourite blogs, CC Music Camp.

Birds Are Indie – Kitchen Morning [MiMi Records]
Jan Grünfeld – Climbed Trees [Headphonica]
Henrik José – Pinpointing the problem [23 Seconds]
Moosefrog – Divide [Lo-Kiwi/Catnap]
Sebastian Love – Julie Star (Axton Frick remix) [Starquake Records]
POPCORNKID! – Genesis Jordan [Bandcamp]
Fhernando – (I need ya) L.O.V.E [FMA]
Audiophil – When the day breaks up [Phonocake]
Jai Lynn – Young Love [Jamendo]
Michael McEachern – New for me [Jamendo]
Josh Woodward – 20/20 [FMA]
Dan Tindall – The Folks Underground [Bandcamp]
Tiago Sousa – The Writer [Resting Bell]

.: Photo by Timothy Vollmer :. CC-BY