Bossa-nova and the mellowness of the tropics

08 August 2015

New week, new upload on FMA. This time, I bring you A Minha Embala.

A Minha Embala was a project by Aline Frazão (vocals, guitar) and César Herranz (western concert flute, percussion). It was meant as a meeting between the various musical expressions of different Portuguese-speaking countries. They move their work between the musical universes of Angola, Cape Verde, Brazil, Portugal and Galicia, singing not only in Portuguese but also in Portuguese-based creole languages, kimbundu and umbundu. Their self-titled record was released through Jamendo in 2011 and is a delight for those who love bossa-nova, morna and other mellow tropical genres.

According to Google’s magic translation machine, “embalar” means to lull, to dandle, to cradle. That’s what this is: a collection of really sweet and cozy songs that should be cherished.

Aline Frazão just finished recording her third solo record, which should be out in October this year. If you know Portuguese, you can read more about it on her tumblr.