Session 2.13 – blocSonic in the house!

04 October 2015

I have been wanting this for years and it finally happened: I did a blocSonic special! Not only that, but I actually had the opportunity to talk to its creator, Michael Gregoire.

I got to know blocSonic when I was still doing this in Portugal back in 2008. Back then, blocSonic was releasing the amazing netBlocs – compilations of greatly-curated free music. Seven years have passed and their commitment towards Creative Commons-licenced music has only increased. Having an incredible collection of original records released in an astounding variety of formats, blocSonic remains not only as one of the most important names of free music, but also an example to independent labels all around the world – allying a great catalogue to an incredible work of marketing and archiving.

During the interview, Michael and I talked about how blocSonic got here and what are their plans for the future. There was also time to find out how long it takes to prepare a release, how a part of Public Enemy got involved in blocSonic and how Michael finds time to run this amazing corner of the web that is blocSonic.

At the time we recorded the interview, the latest volume of the netBlocs series, #48 “Still…”, was not available yet. It is now, so make sure you go and check it!

Vita and the Woolf – Asha*
Nic Bommarito – Apace
Cheese N Pot-C – Old School My School (Featuring CM aka Creative, C-Doc, 34Pro & Kat Wahamaa)
Pimpstrut Local #13 – The Life and Death of The Party (Radio Edit)

*This song is no longer available on FMA, due to artist request.