Session 2.16 – Live Again

01 November 2015

After a few weeks of pre-recorded sessions, we live again from Spark’s studio with a full hour of carefully selected free music. A bit more on edge than usual, I explored different sound landscapes in a set that had space for dubstep, improvised music, lo-fi folk, trip-hop and more. I visited some of my favourites, but also opened doors for some new music to walk in.

Zack Linton – Maybe I’m In Love [Jamendo]
Tigerberry & Haunt – By This Time [Southern City Lab]
Emerald Park – Liberteens [Bandcamp/23  Seconds]
Robin Mitchell – Dust [FMA]
Mahogany – Polaroid syndrome II [ZigurArtists]
Jan Grünfeld – [Headphonica/La bèl]
M-PeX – Ignis [Enough Records]
Chump Change – East (feat. Deserved) [Yarn Audio]
Naive Diver – Life is so Slow [Shufflebrain]
Knife City – Precious Jewel (Sabrepulse remix) [8bitpeoples]
Mikk Rebane – Love is Dither [Bump Foot]
Keecho – Stars [Soundcloud]

.: Photo by Curtis Kennington :. CC-BY