Session 2.21 – Sending the cold away

10 January 2016

Another year, another start. Yes, we haven’t updated this website as much as we should have, but things will soon change. Now that producer Lisa Twohig is on board, expect White Market to bring you more music and more content. We will talk more and try to spread more awareness on copyright and on digital freedom.* For now, we fight the cold with some of the best free music out there.

Jahzzar – Chunk of Lawn [CYAN]
Elysian Bailey – Every Time [Jamendo]
TV Girl – Pantyhose [FMA]
Trust – Hotblast [Soundcloud]
Vlooper . Modlee – Rebel Walk [Gergaz]
Jasmine Jordan – Time Travel 2.0 [Jamendo]
New Man – Jazz Submarine [CYAN]
FUTURESOUNDER – Take me to the Sun [Subbass]
Harmony Defiance – Sunface [bumpfoot]
Metastaz – Here it is (ft. Nastasia Paccagnini) [FMA]
Classique- Mudia Dupli [Supafeed]

*We will also try to update the podcast feed swiftly.

.: Photo by Kenneth Spencer :. CC BY-NC