White Market becomes a Syndication Platform

06 July 2016

I have already explained how much has changed since White Market podcast started. Throughout the last eight years, the show has gathered some impressive stats, and is now ready for the next step. During this summer, White Market will develop into a full syndication platform – producing and hosting free/libre open radio content. This will happen as a practice-based academic project, being the final project of my MA degree in Radio Production and Management.

Using Creative Commons builds creative commons

White Market’s content is currently licenced under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial licence. This means that episodes can be freely shared and adapted so long as appropriate credit is given and they are not used with commercial purposes; same goes for extra content published on this website. This remains intact. As such, I would like to personally encourage you to share White Market’s content, whether it’s an episode of the podcast or an article on the blog.

More Content for More People

After working for different community radio stations in different countries, I have come to the realisation that the needs of each one vary significantly. As such, I will develop various series of radio content to meet the diversity of demand in community radio environments. All series will be in line with White Market’s legacy of advocacy for topics such as free culture movement, open source, open web and digital activism. They willl be delivered in a variety of formats, and they will all be compliant with the current Ofcom Broadcast Code. Following an ethos of accessibility, everything will be available for free and easy download, with detailed notes on music, content and extra credits. There will also be more content published on the website.

Tweaking for Change

Naturally, transforming White Market into a syndication platform requires some changes. Over the next few months, you’re likely to witness significant adjustments on the layout of this website. Since I am not a programmer, I would like to apologise in advance for any technical glitches during this process.

Next Steps and a Plea for Help

The first step of this new syndication platform is to restart the podcast series. White Market podcast is a weekly hour-long podcast series focused on free/libre music. The new season will start next week airing first on Spark Sunderland. The first episode of this season will air on thursday, July 14th. Being Netlabel Day, the comeback of White Market will feature this event exclusively.

If you run a community radio station and are interested in broadcasting White Market podcast and its new content, you can simply download the show and play it out. However, I welcome you to get in touch so I can feature your station on the website. I also welcome any feedback and specific requests you might have. I am looking forward to working with various stations on a permanent basis for this project.

White Market is a non-for-profit initiative, but it entails some costs. Individual, organisations and companies who share the same visions and ethos are welcome to provide donations and other resources.

.: Photo by Rádio Zero :. CC BY-NC-ND