White Market Podcast to join Soundart Radio

23 August 2016

If you’ve been following the show (or this blog) lately, you probably know that White Market Podcast is slowly becoming a syndication platform for community radio stations. As part of this effort, I can now proudly announce that the show will be broadcast on Soundart Radio. Starting September 6th, the show will take over the 11pm slot on Tuesdays.

Soundart Radio is a community radio station based in Dartington, England, and one particularly devoted to arts. Exciting and creative, the station operates under an Ofcom licence, delivering mostly works of art in sonic form and specialised radio production. In addition to the artistic-led programming schedule and activities, Soundart Radio is also a member of the Radia Network.

Want to play White Market Podcast on your community radio station?

If you are part of a community radio station and would like to broadcast White Market Podcast on your station, you are free to do so without any extra permissions. The show is available under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial licence, which means you can freely share it and use it so long as you credit it properly and do it for non-commercial purposes. If you do it, though, don’t be shy and drop us a message so we can spread the word.