Session 3.06 – Happy Anniversary, Linux!

25 August 2016

This week, we celebrated Linux’s 25th anniversary. So, on top of the usual free music playlist, there was also a  brand new segment. For the first time ever on the show, we played a documentary.

Linux 25 – The Story of Linux” is a White Market Podcast production and it is available for free download in a variety of formats as a stand-alone piece. As usual, it is also free to share and use, as it is available under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike licence.

Kellee Maize – In Tune – Remix 2 (2017 brand new!) [FMA] // CC BY
Nada Funk- Novocaine [Jamendo] // CC BY-NC
Induction Effect – From the Abyss [Spacewalk 2] [Picpack] // CC BY-NC
Massimolotov – Metal Talking Artifact Box [Nostress]  // CC BY-NC-ND
NEW WIVES – Painted Face [Bandcamp] // CC BY
Bodypolitics – Mental Pollution [2419 Record Label] // CC BY-NC-SA
Björn & Gorden – Blue Light, White Heat [headphonica] // CC BY-NC-SA
Niteffect – Swt Mthr [Kreislauf] // CC BY-NC-ND
Smany – ・A・ [Bunkai-Kei] // CC BY-NC-SA
Gordo Jazz Meets Octavio – Ma Lord [Cassette Blog] // CC BY-NC-SA