Session 3.11 – Experimentalism with Pilot Eleven

02 October 2016

Pilot Eleven is a British netlabel that often swings its way towards also being a podcast about Creative Commons music. I found out about it last year, because of Netlabel Day and I was ever since quite intrigued with their work.  This week, I sat down to talk to Graeme Gill, who is the person behind Pilot Eleven to find out a bit more about the project’s past, present and future. Of course, we also talked about music.

Our Pilot Eleven special is also an experimental approach to the show. Hope you like it.

Drey Grade – Rubha Hunish Reimagining (Mermaids and Seals) // CC BY-SA
Distilled Logic – Black Hole a Disintegrating Mirror // CC BY-NC-ND
Linden Pomeroy – Festival of Red Leaves // CC BY-SA
Drey Grade – Underground Car Park With Rain Twon Attic With Rain // CC BY
Drey Grade – Railings At Kilt Rock // CC BY
Susan Matthews – A Room of Lights // CC BY-NC-ND
Dallas Simpson – Gibraltar Point Car Park Windscape (vignette) // CC BY
Silo Portem – Cavernous Foundry // CC BY-NC-ND
Distilled Logic – Reflections on Space // CC BY-NC-ND
Drey Grade – Byron Arrives // CC BY