WMP featured on Music Manumit podcast

20 December 2016

There are various podcasts about Creative Commons music. For those of you interested to know a bit more about specific projects, Music Manumit podcast is certainly one not to miss. Every week, they interview different players of the CC music scene. From Jamendo to musicians like Electric Mirrors, Doug and Tom have it all covered. So, I am quite honoured to say that White Market Podcast is featured on this week’s episode of Music Manumit podcast.

Tom and I talked about Creative Commons music, my professional background, how WMP is a radio show that is also a podcast, why this season of WMP became the best so far, professional conflicts of interest and many other details. You can listen to the show below, but make sure you don’t miss another episode and subscribe to their feed. You can also show some love by liking the project on Facebook and following it on Twitter.

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