Hiatus and comeback

20 June 2017

Six months after the latest session of my beloved White Market Podcast, here I am again. First of all, for those of you who kept asking about new episodes, I can only say thank you and that I am sorry I vanished (along with show) without any notice. As you know, WMP is a non-profit endeavor, one that I maintain solely by myself. Despite all my love and will to do the show, this means that sometimes the rest of my life gets ahead on my priorities list and WMP has to be put on hold. In the last 8 months, I have finished my Masters degree /with a distinction thanks to this), I have relocated back to my home country (Portugal), and I have started a full-time job. As such, the amount of time I have available for personal projects reduced dramatically. I tried to keep the show by making it a fortnight event instead of a weekly one, but I still struggled and eventually I had to accept the fact that it was time for a break.

I have already written here about the effort that goes into creating each episode. Using WMP as my final masters project wasn’t accidental. After nearly ten years of on and off production. I was quite aware of the time and work it requires. Making it my final project was my way of giving it dedication it deserves and requires. For nearly three months, I was able to work almost exclusively on the show and it definitely paid off. Without a doubt, WMP’s latest season was the best to date. Without detriment of music-related content, I managed to transform WMP into what I had long hoped for it to be: a show that actually advocates for change. There were more interviews than ever from different fields of the open/free culture universe, various special features and overall better content.

So, what’s next?

This is not the first time White Market Podcast has had a long hiatus, but every pause demands careful considerations about why I had the need to stop and whether I’ll be able to keep up to the challenge. I am pretty certain I won’t be able to keep the show on a weekly basis; to be totally honest, I am at a stage where I feel like I probably shouldn’t come forward with any specific deadlines since I am not sure I am ready for commitments of this nature at the minute. Despite that, here I am trying to justify myself and trying to bring WMP back to life. For now, that’s my promise: White Market Podcast will come back sometime during this summer.

Stay tuned.

Photo by WillSpirit SBLN