10 Years of White Market Podcast

21 March 2018

I am not sure how it got to this, but White Market Podcast is now a 10 year-old project. That means a full decade of celebrating the best in free music and free culture. Originally in Portuguese as Programa Marca Branca, the first episode aired back in March 2008. More than a 100 sessions later, I can tell you that it had ups and downs like any other long-term relationship, but that the overall experience has been truly amazing and humbling.

A couple of years ago, I wrote an article about how the show started and what the next steps were: I explained how much the landscape of free music had changed since the start and I laid the bricks of a new season of episodes focused on digital rights and freedoms. For a variety of reasons, but mainly because I gave WMP my full time dedication for about four months, 2016 ended up being the best year of the show. In 21 sessions, there was space for Linux and free software, public domain, cultural heritage, experimentalism, various copyright-dedicated episodes and many other things. The effort paid off: the community grew significantly and the show even won a Community Radio Award.

In 2017, with interviews with EDRi and Wikimedia representatives, the new season started shaping up well ahead of the EU copyright reform. However, as I started a PhD, my attempts to keep releasing episodes at a decent pace failed. However, 2017 still strikes me as one of the most important years for WMP. You see, White Market Podcast is now more than just a show – it is a full-rounded project.

Being a part of the Mozilla Open Leadership program opened new and unexpected doors. It made me rethink White Market Podcast and its goals, it took me to Mozfest, and it connected me to dozens of great projects and minds that are shaping the quest for an open web. It has been and incredibly uplifting and inspiring experience to meet all these people and to feel more like a part of something. Producing the show is very often a lonely quest, but becoming part of the Mozilla Open Leadership family made me feel like I was part of a wider community. With all this, I realized that this struggle comes in as many ways as there are people fighting and, ultimately, White Market Podcast and I can be valuable pieces to the movement, even if only small.

There were also other key events in 2017 that reframed my view of White Market Podcast: I became a member of D3 – Defesa dos Direitos Digitais, an NGO focused on the defense of digital rights in Portugal, and joined the Ubuntu Portugal community. All together, these events gave me a better view on how things can improve for WMP and how I can ensure the project is inclusive enough to get new people involved even at a distance.

And so, ten years after it all began, I see the show becoming what I have envisioned so many moons ago. Slowly, but surely, the path is set to make White Market Podcast open source and a community-orientated project.

So, how can you get involved?

Good thing you ask! We are currently looking for contributions regarding content and regarding code. Either way, our GitHub repos are where all the action and fun takes place.

  1. Content repo: for blog posts, new images, show archives and other content related stuff.
  2. Website repo: WMP is working on developing a fully open source website, as this one runs on a proprietary theme.

If you don’t have the time to help out more, just telling your friends about the show and the project is already a huge thing. Rate us on iTunes and other podcast platforms where you might listen to us. Share episodes on social media. Play the show on your community radio stations.

Thank you for this amazing decade.

Photo by rawpixel.com on Unsplash