Creative Commons business models for musicians with Tribe of Noise

30 April 2020
Photo by Adi Goldstein on Unsplash

A first on the show, on this episode we dive into business models! Yes, you read it right: business models for music licensed under Creative Commons. For that, I talked to Hessel van Oorschot, co-founder and CEO at Tribe of Noise, a platform focused on creating fair and sustainable business opportunities for independent musicians.

They launched back in 2008 in the Netherlands. Now, they provide a steady revenue stream for hundreds of musicians around the world, exploring non-exclusive music licensing to third-parties like cinematographers, advertising agencies and retail spaces. Along with Amanda Palmer and Jonathan Mann, they were one of the few music-based case studies featured on the book "Made With Creative Commons".

Back in September, Tribe of Noise acquired Free Music Archive. Make sure to subscribe to the podcast so you can find out more about it on the second part of this interview, when we release our next episode.


Morissa Jeanine - Perfect Day [CC BY-SA]

RUNAGROUND - Solace [available for free download and further licensing on Tribe of Noise]

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Sound editing and mixing by Ricardo Correia.