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Session 3.04 – All About Free Music

04 August 2016
With great records and amazing throwbacks, this week’s session was all about free music. We visited some of the best (in)active netlabels, played some records that were just sort ot out of the press and heard songs in Swedish, Ukrainian and Spanish. This on top of the usual English-sung tracks, of course. This was also a particularly rich session in terms of music genres, as we covered a hand-full…

Session 2.16 – Live Again

01 November 2015
After a few weeks of pre-recorded sessions, we live again from Spark’s studio with a full hour of carefully selected free music. A bit more on edge than usual, I explored different sound landscapes in a set that had space for dubstep, improvised music, lo-fi folk, trip-hop and more. I visited some of my favourites, but also opened doors for some new music to walk in. Zack Linton – Maybe I’m In…

Session 2.12 – Back to the music

27 September 2015
We’re back to the music after two wonderful sessions with interviews – one with MEP Julia Reda, the other one with the director of the Free Music Archive, Cheyenne Hohman. This means netlabels are back, Bandcamp is back and basically I am offering you a full hour of unbelievably amazing free music. Emerald Park – GO! GO! GO! [23 Seconds/blocSonic] Arcade Island – Refugee (remix) [Bandcamp] Six…

Session 2.09 – Another relaxing evening

30 August 2015
Another relaxing evening on Spark Sunderland with a delightful soundtrack, straight from some of coolest netlabels around (even if some of them stopped publishing records). While I decided to let summer fade away smoothly, I also didn’t resist to add some more powered tracks into the mix. Also, September will be packed with surprises and great things on White Market, including some next week’s…