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Session 3.13 – Exceptions are not the Rule

16 October 2016
This week, I had the chance to talk to Maarten Zeinstra, from Amsterdam-based think tank Kennisland, to find out more about the project Copyright Exceptions. We already know copyright law is particularly complex, but things do get even more confusing once you look at the different regulations each one of the 28 European Union countries has. On a completely different side note, I would like to…

The 2016 EU Copyright Reform Proposal

16 September 2016
The 2016 EU Copyright Reform Proposal is out and it’s an absolute disaster, particularly for creators and internet users. From officially proposing a link tax to not safeguarding freedom of panorama, Commissioner Oettinger’s text goes against what many hoped would be a jump towards a progressive and more inclusive legislation. It is worth noting that this proposal still has to be approved by both…

EU wants to hear you – #SaveTheLink and Freedom of Panorama

23 March 2016
Remember how a few months ago we all talked about Freedom of Panorama? And how the very essence of the internet is at stake in some territories and we’re trying to #SaveTheLink? Well, the European Commission is now holding a public consultation on neighbouring rights and panorama exception in the EU copyright. Complicated much? Not really. Basically, you’ll have your say on your right to take…

Make your voice heard! Join the EU Public Consultations

14 December 2015
If you thought there wasn’t much you could do about EU regulations, I have good news for you! You can actually make a difference. The European Union often asks citizens (and other parties) how they feel about certain issues before starting the legislation process, in what we call EU Public Consultations. So, there is a real chance for you to speak up your mind and tell the EU Commission and…