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Session 3.12 – Another Music Session

09 October 2016
After two very special episodes, today we go back to a full music session. We have bedroom pop and undiscovered netlabels, as well as some older loves. As my dissertation is coming to an end, I will continue to release new epiosdes of White Market Podcast on a weekly basis. I have a few interviews and features planned, and I still have a White Market in Context I’d like to share about the show in…

Session 3.01 – Netlabel Day 2016

14 July 2016
Today is Netlabel Day and we are, of course, celebrating it properly. This week’s session featured exclusively music that was released for this year’s most exciting netlabel event, and we even had an interview with Manuel Silva, from M.I.S.T. Records, who is the main person behind the initiative. ELYA – Chinese Calendar [La bèl] [CC BY-NC-SA] Small Colin – Program VCO [Rec72] [CC BY] Endocarb…

Session 2.09 – Another relaxing evening

30 August 2015
Another relaxing evening on Spark Sunderland with a delightful soundtrack, straight from some of coolest netlabels around (even if some of them stopped publishing records). While I decided to let summer fade away smoothly, I also didn’t resist to add some more powered tracks into the mix. Also, September will be packed with surprises and great things on White Market, including some next week’s…

Session 2.06 – 80s Flavoured Music

09 August 2015
As usual, the weekly full hour of free music on Spark Sunderland was quite diversified. Today, however, there were some key blocks: instrumental, south american and 80s flavoured music. Quite the mix, yes, but in a land where music has no boundaries, where you can freely download every single song, the problem is always to pick the best cherries. After all, most of them are simply delicious, just…