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Session 3.08 – Melancholy and Time Travelling

08 September 2016
On this week’s show we wandered between some of our favourite old picks, which somehow ended up on a session full of melancholic vibes. On top of the carefully picked music, we also premiered a brand new feature dedicated to works in the public domain called “All Aboard“. The feature will be available for separate download soon. Last but not least, a very important message: our friends at Free…

Session 2.09 – Another relaxing evening

30 August 2015
Another relaxing evening on Spark Sunderland with a delightful soundtrack, straight from some of coolest netlabels around (even if some of them stopped publishing records). While I decided to let summer fade away smoothly, I also didn’t resist to add some more powered tracks into the mix. Also, September will be packed with surprises and great things on White Market, including some next week’s…

Session 2.04 – Keeping the engine running

19 July 2015
With some blasts from the past and a few treats, we kept the free music engine running, and delivered another hour of great Creative Commons-licenced tracks. And, on top of all the fun, I’ve set myself quite the challenge: every week White Market will be uploading a new record on Free Music Archive. In case you missed it, here’s our collection soon to be expanded on a weekly basis. Walter Benjamin…

Session 2.02 – Celebrating Summer, Enjoying the Rain

05 July 2015
Following this week’s amazing weather, we decided to have a session celebrating summer with some warm songs. Ironically, it started to pour just before the show started. Either way, I decided to go with the flow and the heat was definitely on during this session. AZUpubschool – Good Night Girl (feat. KOSMO KAT) [Maltine Records] The Grammar Club – Plastic Submarine [Bandcamp] Nine Inch Nails…