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Session 4.01 – Talking copyright with EDRi

30 July 2017
WMP is finally back and what a way to start this fourth season! This week, I talked to Diego Naranjo, Senior Policy Advisor at EDRi, to know more about the copyright reform that is still in the making in the EU. EDRi (European Digital Rights) is an association of civil and human rights organizations that advocates for the protection of our rights and freedoms online. On top of working directly…

Session 3.19 – WMP's Best Moments of 2016

19 December 2016
As this is our very last show of 2016, I thought it’d be cool to do a recap of White Market Podcast’s best moments of 2016. In case you haven’t listened to all the episodes, this can be sort of your guide to go back and catch up with something you might have missed and be of your interest. With 8 interviews, a couple of special features and even a mini-documentary, I’m sure there will be something…

Session 3.01 – Netlabel Day 2016

14 July 2016
Today is Netlabel Day and we are, of course, celebrating it properly. This week’s session featured exclusively music that was released for this year’s most exciting netlabel event, and we even had an interview with Manuel Silva, from M.I.S.T. Records, who is the main person behind the initiative. ELYA – Chinese Calendar [La bèl] [CC BY-NC-SA] Small Colin – Program VCO [Rec72] [CC BY] Endocarb…

The Best Places to find Creative Commons Music

12 July 2016
There are loads of places with Creative Commons music out on the web, but it’s not always easy to find what we want. Between netlabels, podcasts and generic platforms, the world of free music can seem a bit overwhelming at first. However, there are some places that make the quest to find free* music much more accessible. I’ve compiled some of my personal favourites. *free = libre. As Richard…