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Communia and the quest to save public domain

01 January 2020
Welcome to a brand new season of White Market Podcast and, of course, to 2020! As you may have expected, in this season we will be talking a lot about music but we couldn’t really step into a new year without celebrating Public Domain Day. For our comeback, we're bringing you an interview with Anna Mazgal from the Communia Association, one of the policy organizations that has been working most…

This season on White Market Podcast

09 November 2019
This season on White Market Podcast: Prepare for a lot of talk about Creative Commons music. We will talk about licenses, about business models, about resilience and about the love that goes into sharing music with others. In the first few episodes, there will be interviews with: Hessel van Oorschot from Tribe of Noise, a platform focused on creating fair and sustainable business opportunities for…

10 Years of White Market Podcast

21 March 2018
I am not sure how it got to this, but White Market Podcast is now a 10 year-old project. That means a full decade of celebrating the best in free music and free culture. Originally in Portuguese as Programa Marca Branca, the first episode aired back in March 2008. More than a 100 sessions later, I can tell you that it had ups and downs like any other long-term relationship, but that the overall…

Hiatus and comeback

20 June 2017
Six months after the latest session of my beloved White Market Podcast, here I am again. First of all, for those of you who kept asking about new episodes, I can only say thank you and that I am sorry I vanished (along with show) without any notice. As you know, WMP is a non-profit endeavor, one that I maintain solely by myself. Despite all my love and will to do the show, this means that…