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Session 4.01 – Talking copyright with EDRi

30 July 2017
WMP is finally back and what a way to start this fourth season! This week, I talked to Diego Naranjo, Senior Policy Advisor at EDRi, to know more about the copyright reform that is still in the making in the EU. EDRi (European Digital Rights) is an association of civil and human rights organizations that advocates for the protection of our rights and freedoms online. On top of working directly…

Session 3.17 – Rain, technical issues and music

25 November 2016
After many technical difficulties, a lot of travelling and a week of unstoppable rain in the North East of England, the show is finally online. Being very honest, I would have liked it to have some extra content, but it was impossible after a series of unfortunate events. In a near future there’s still a European Commons Assembly special to come and a Europeana special as well! For now, here’s…

Our Imaginary Friend is beautiful

26 August 2016
Our #freemusicfriday feature is back, which means every friday I’ll be uploading a new record to Free Music Archive. This week, I bring you one of my personal favourites. Originally released on the Argentinian netlabel Sólo Le Pido a Dior, “Our Imaginary Friend” by E T I L E is a seven-track record and is available under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike licence, which…

Session 3.05 – New Netlabels and Old Loves

19 August 2016
This week something quite unusual happened: I featured not only one but several netlabels that I had never played on the show. Netlabels used to be quite common when I first started the show in 2008, but with services like Bandcamp and Soundcloud, they seem to have fallen a bit out of place. There are exceptions, of course, but it’s almost ironic that the Netlabel Day initiative only became a…