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Session 3.09 – EU Copyright Mess

18 September 2016
Following the reveal of the EU Copyright Reform Proposal, this show had to feature it. The text is a disappointment, but there’s still a lot that can be done to make it change. The piece is available for separate download in a variety of formats, so make sure you share it, remix it, use it for whatever you need, just spread the word! We also went aboard the public domain ship, once again, and…

Session 3.03 – Copy Me, Copy You

28 July 2016
On this week’s show, we had the pleasure to talk to Alex Lungu from Copy-Me. Copy-Me is a platform that tries to debunk myths around copying… So, they talk a lot about issues such as copyright, remixing, creativity and so on. The project started as a webseries and was crowdfunded on Indiegogo. Now, Copy-Me is a hub of knowledge and creative resources related to said topics. Much like White Market…

Session 2.16 – Live Again

01 November 2015
After a few weeks of pre-recorded sessions, we live again from Spark’s studio with a full hour of carefully selected free music. A bit more on edge than usual, I explored different sound landscapes in a set that had space for dubstep, improvised music, lo-fi folk, trip-hop and more. I visited some of my favourites, but also opened doors for some new music to walk in. Zack Linton – Maybe I’m In…

Session 2.15 – Hello, ZigurArtists!

25 October 2015
Releasing free music since 2012, ZigurArtists is one of the top netlabels of its generation. With a varied catalogue and a steady love for Creative Commons licences, they managed to bring back to life a deeply aged Portuguese town called Lamego. Three years after their start, their work includes not only an incredible music collection but also a yearly music festival called ZigurFest. On this…